Perhaps the fastest way to find out how a certain operation is carried out is to watch a video clip where some other person reveals the exact moves you have to make. This is valid particularly if you order a new web hosting account without having used this type of services before, or if you have used a web hosting platform with a different interface and aren’t used to the manner in which things are administerd on the new one. A how-to video clip can teach you the simplest and speediest way to execute a specific task in your web hosting account, sparing you the trouble of exploring different options until you find the one that you actually need, or of reading lengthy knowledge base articles, which can at times be unclear as to where you need to go and what you need to click.

Video Tutorials in Hosting

As part of our hosting packages, we've compiled an array of how-to videos where you can watch a demonstration of our feature-ridden Hepsia Control Panel. We’ve included both very easy tasks such as setting up a brand new e-mail address or copying files between directories, and more complicated ones like generating an .htaccess file or exporting a database. We also have a number of instructive videos that will acquaint you with what system load is or what error logs are used for. If you go to a given section of your Control Panel, you will be able to see applicable how-to videos that describe how you can accomplish different tasks, but you can also find a full list of all the videos that we’ve got in a different section, which you can access by clicking on the Video Tutorials link at the bottom of the page.

Video Tutorials in Semi-dedicated Servers

Our semi-dedicated server packages come with a rich selection of instructive videos in order to offer you the option to use all the functions and the entire potential of our semi-dedicated packages, even if you have no past experience in such matters whatsoever. Even in case you’re more technically skillful, you could still resort to the videos and learn how to use our multifunctional Hepsia Control Panel. The topics that we have covered are broad – what precisely is CPU load, how to change the PHP version that your account uses or how to create an e-mail box account with several clicks are only some instances. You can discover how everything is done and spare lots of time, all the more so counting the fact that in each and every section of the Control Panel you can see only videos that illustrate what you can accomplish there. In case you would like to browse through all the videos that we have made, you can do so by clicking on the link at the bottom of Hepsia’s main page. With their valuable help, you will be able to accomplish anything you need swiftly and seamlessly.